Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mango Kulfi

Summer and mango - I guess it's a deadly combo! Likewise with ice-cream. With scorching heat outside and never ending perspiration, we crave for cool treats. And kulfi is one of those yummy cold desserts that are perfect to combat the sweltering heat. Unlike ice-creams, kulfis are very simple to prepare and takes longer to melt.

I cannot help but recall the Kulfi wala screaming "Kulfi Ice Kulfi Ice" in summer afternoons with their kulfi carts during our childhood days. The call sent instant happy sensation in our hearts. That nostalgia still haunts me. All kids of our age would pester our parents to buy us those frozen delights.

With mangoes now flooding the markets, here's a recipe that'll be lapped up by young and old for sure...try it!


    * 2½ cups milk
    * ¼ cup milk powder
    * ½ cup condensed milk (You can use sweetened condensed milk)
    * ¼ cup sugar
    * 1 cup sweet mango pulp


Mix everything properly except the mango pulp in a hollow non-stick container. Boil this mixture and then stir gently for 10 minutes till it thickens. Let it cool completely. Now add the mango pulp in the mixture and stir well. After the mixture cools off, pour it into kulfi moulds and freeze still completely set. For unmoulding the kulfi, you can place the frozen mould under running water for few seconds and it will come out. Your mango kulfi ice-cream is now ready to eat!