Saturday, July 21, 2012

Sunday Brunch, Lazy Sunday Wishlist

The reason I call it 'brunch' is because of those late lunches I have on Sundays after having a fill of luchi, aloo bhaja or aloo tarkari for breakfast...and that too around 10.30 or 11 in the morning! So's Sunday brunch for me...from breakfast to lunch :)

I generally get up late on Sundays after rolling lazily  on bed for quite sometime. After that, I relish the delicious luchi, aloo bhaja combo that Ma prepares at home. For all those who don't know...luchi-aloo bhaja or aloo tarkari is a traditional and perhaps the most popular breakfast on the Bengali platter on any given day. Most true-blue Bengalis would swear by this finger-licking treat. And yes, Bengali luchis are way softer, fluffier and tastier than pooris prepared in North and rest of India.
But hey...wait! Sundays wouldn't be over without a lavish lunch! So after those drool-worthy luchis, it's time for me to gorge on a delicious spread of authentic Bengali meal. Most Sundays it's bhat or gheebhat (fried rice), fries or machh bhaja (fried fish), dal, any kind of seasonal vegetable curry or aloo posto (another authentic Bengali dish), macher jhaal (fish curry) or any preparation of chicken, chutney or mishti doi (sweet yogurt) followed by meetha paan. On a rainy day, it's khichuri and ilish machh bhaja. Phew! Sumptuous Sundays, I must say!

It goes without a doubt that we all crave for the weekends, especially Sundays. It's a day when we let go of all our reservations, diets, rules and reservations and engage in unlimited masti - be it with friends, relatives or family. Sundays are lazy, crazy and meant for absolute fun without even an iota of glum. My idea and wishlist  of an ideal Sunday would be - mouthwatering breakfast, lunch, long hours of hang out with friends, family and loved ones, loads of music and movies, ice creams, shopping followed by a quiet candlelit dinner. Awesome...isn't it? But don't you think that 24 hours is little too short for all this? But I would be the happiest if it actually here's keeping my fingers crossed :)