Sunday, August 24, 2014

Virgin Mojito

Yesterday got to taste Virgin Mojito at a local coffee joint. Must say...'twas superb! The zing, the refreshing mint and the tangy lime taste made me feel real good. For those who don't know, Virgin Mojito is a great healthy summer drink enlivening your mind and body within seconds! It's not necessarily alcoholic and can be prepared with ginger ale or just by blending fruit juices and club soda. I won't deny that Virgin Mojito has now become one of my favorite cocktails :)
If you wish to stir up Virgin Mojito at home and treat your friends and guests, below is a link to a simple, easy-to-prepare recipe. You can use ginger ale, sprite, apple juice, lemonade and club soda according to your preference. Just remember to serve it chilled!