Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Summer Specials: Dahi Kebabs

kebabWith the sweltering heat outside, we develop a tendency to savor cold and less spicy food, that is actually good for your stomach. We should cut down on rich and spicy food during summers and eat light and non-greasy food as much as possible. Here's a simple summer recipe that's a special treat for the veggie lovers! The main ingredient here is yogurt or dahi, which is rich in calcium, vitamin B-2, B-12, potassium, and magnesium. It is easy to digest and is prepared without much hassle.

Ingredients: Gram flour(besan) 100gms, Cottage cheese(paneer) 50 gms, Cheese 25 gms, Yogurt 100 gms, Green chillies 5 gms, Ginger 5 gms, Garam masala(spices) 5 gms, Refined oil 100 gms, Raisins and Cashew nuts 25 gms, Salt to taste.

Procedure: Lightly fry the gram flour in a dry container and keep aside. Heat oil in a shallow fry pan or kadai and add ginger and green chilli pieces. Saute for a while. Now add grated cottage cheese(paneer), cheese, raisins, cashew nuts, gram flour(besan), and yogurt to it and make a thick paste. Make small cubes or chunks of kebab with this paste and grill/roast on a skewer. You can even prepare it on a microwave. Serve it hot with tomato/chilli /coriander sauce!


venom said...

yummy tat looks tasty... i would love to taste it... nice dish :)

forumer said...

Hi my fren n hope always cool n happy. Mm kebab, one of my favourite! So nice. So in US also exist kebab eh?

Malaysia now is quite ok, with moderate raining , thank God. But i feel so sad for the people in Myanmar especially with those kids and weak people. Hope they will become better.

K my dear Mistress of spices, c u later , take care and all the best :)