Thursday, September 20, 2007

Where to Get Authentic Rolls in Kolkata

Hey Guys! I'm back after a long hiatus. Don't ask me why:) I was busy with a lot of things and also had a whole bunch of writing assignments. So here I am, and I promise to treat you all with lots of mouthwatering dishes!

I was talking in my last post about Egg Rolls, which are like a rage in Kolkata, the City of Joy! Now, Chicken Rolls, Veg rolls, Mutton Rolls and other varieties are prepared pretty much in the same way, although the filling keeps changing according to the type of roll. So here's wishing you a happy journey of tasting different types of rolls, once you visit Kolkata:) Though you will find numerous stalls preparing rolls throughout the city, I would advise you to taste rolls from Bedwin(Gariahat), Hot Kati Rolls(Park Street, Bawarchi, and Rahmania, simply because their rolls are out of this world!

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