Friday, August 17, 2007

Egg rolls are undoubtedly the most popular of all junk food that is available in Kolkata. Though rolls are now available in avatars such as Chicken roll, Egg chicken roll, Egg mutton roll, Double egg chicken roll, and various innovative flavors, the original egg roll still continue to rule the average Indian palate. Food lovers swear by the mouthwatering taste of a piping hot egg roll! The interesting fact is, though egg rolls are available in almost every part of India and have made their foray in the major Indian restaurants and eateries throughout the world, this popular fast food has its origin in the City of Joy!(Kolkata, formerly Calcutta). Egg rolls are wholesome food and prepared with ingredients that are easy to digest. Hence they are safe for children also. If you eat an egg roll for breakfast or lunch, you can sustain hunger for a long time. Rolls are much similar to egg or chicken wraps available in the western countries, especially the U.S.

Here's a simple way to prepare egg rolls at home:

Ingredients--1 or 2eggs(medium), white flour 1 cup, butter 1tsp(optional), cucumber 1(grated), tomato 1(diced in small pieces), onion 1(grated), 1green chili(chopped evenly), coriander(chopped), white oil(cooking oil such as sunflower/mustard), tomato sauce, chili sauce, salt to taste.

Directions: Beat the egg separately in a small container and add salt to it. Keep aside. Now make a soft dough with the flour, adding some butter and salt to it. Heat a medium sized flat pizza pan in low flame and heat 2tsp of cooking oil. Make a paratha(flat bread) with the dough you have prepared(in the same way you prepare Naan bread or Roti), frying lightly with cooking oil. Now pour the egg which you have beaten previously, on top of this paratha. Fry both sides in low flame until crisp and golden brown. The egg will stick on one side of the paratha like an omelette. Take a flat tray or plate and wrap this paratha with chopped coriander, grated cucumber, grated onion, diced tomato, and chopped green chili. Add tomato and chili sauce.

Wrap the egg roll finally with a baking wax paper. In Kolkata rolls are even wrapped in newspapers:) But the taste is always the same!

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