Sunday, January 27, 2008

Bird Flu Among Chickens and Ducks

Hello all bloggers and food enthusiasts! I was away from the blogging scene for a long time and could not post recipes for you all. I was sooooooooooo busy! But now I'm back and I'm happy for that! I love blogging and posting yummy recipes. But guess what...the bird flu virus is on a rise now, here in West Bengal(India), and as a result, people are panicky about consuming chicken dishes and even eggs. I am reading about millions of chickens being killed and eggs destroyed to help stop the deadly virus from spreading. Whatever may be the case, the fact is, people are too scared to take any risk and eat chicken recipes, at home or outside. Anyways, chicken has always been my favorite, but due to bird flu, I have refrained from eating any sort of chicken dish.

If any of your friends or relatives are unaware about bird flu virus spreading in West Bengal, please alert them about the disease. Go green or eat fish which is actually good for your skin and health. Good luck!


alpa said...

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Anamika:The Sugarcrafter said...

Hi spice girl
Thanks for passing by the blog. Yeah, here we saw the news on NDTV and i wish it stops from spreading further, especially because its still winter and migratory birds still flock to India.

Hem Rai said...

I love eating eggs daily. U already know about the Delhi climate. Egg is my favorite dish and I eat it regularly. Is there any chance of bird-flu in me.

Hem Rai said...

Hi, Gud morning...I like to eat omelette not boiled eggs. Egg curry is my favorite else prefer omelette. It means omelette is danger for me. Yes u r right Rajasthan is attractive and beautiful state. I was also working in travel and tourism industry so I will suggest u better travel agent and web site name where you will find more information about Rajasthan. Bookmark these websites : and These are two websites where you can read about the popular places of Rajasthan. Again waiting for ur comment. Is omelette more danger or boiled eggs?

Spicegirl said...
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