Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Junk food Lovers!

burgerWho doesn't love to gorge on those yummy roadside food once in a while? Though due to health reasons we tend to keep away from those delicious junk food, there is no harm if we tease our taste buds occasionally. I guess, those fast foods and snacks are supposed to be great appetizers!

I have seen that North Americans simply love junk food! Every month nearly 90 percent of the children in America eat at McDonald's! In the United States, the food industry spends more than $33 billion a year to advertise products rich in fat, sugar and salt. Despite all those risks of obesity and cancer, average Americans consume more food rich in fat and sugar, than their European or Oriental counterparts. Aerated soft drinks, milkshakes and smoothies contain twice as much fat as hamburgers. However, these are a huge craze among school, college and even office goers.
pizzaSpeaking of India, the fast food craze is rising among youngsters every day. People now consume more roadside junks and snacks than they did before, not considering the health factors or the quality of ingredients that are used in preparing them. Rather than eating homemade food, working people and school children prefer eating fast foods, that are tasty and pocket-friendly at the same time. How many of them know about the risk factors involved? In America, popular fast foods are French fries, fried chicken, chicken nuggets, tacos, pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, along with ice creams, soft drinks and milkshakes. Fish and chips are popular in the United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. Fish is battered and then deep fried.In India people have great fondness for kebabs, rolls, fries, pizzas, bhelpuri, chaat, panipuri or phuchkas, samosas, dosas, dahi vadas, dhokla, and many others. One will get awestruck with the smorgasbord of fast foods and snacks that India has to offer!

So if you are visiting India for the first time, you should taste these yummy snacks to discover the true spirit of India! Forget about the health factors and indulge in those mouthwatering snacks. I'm sure they will leave you craving for more!


Anonymous said...

I just can't agree more with your thoughts...junk food is everyones favourite and what better place than India & yes it does leave an everlasting desire to taste it again & again...well written!

forumer said...

The best junk food that i like is a burger :D About the famous foods at my place, especially in my state here, the most famous is KEROPOK LEKOR (made of starch mix with fish). Have u ever heard of it? hehe

And others like Nasi lemak (some kind of rice), lemang, ketupat and so on .......

Can u tell me why Indians like spice foods? actually malaysian people like spicy too, but i don;t really fav of it. Because too spicy is dangerous to our stomach, am i right my fren? So do u will stay forever in America or will return back to India Priyanka? :)