Sunday, March 16, 2008

Famous Chinese Restaurants in Kolkata

Chinese food
One of my friends insisted that I write about a popular Chinese restaurant "Haka", which is located at City Center, Salt Lake, Kolkata. Frankly, I have heard a lot about this eatery, but never been there. So I'm planning to go there and find out the recipes in demand. I am a big time lover of Chinese food.

I have been to a lot of Chinese restaurants in the past. Based on that experience, I have compiled a list of Chinese restaurants in Kolkata, that are my favorites.

1. Beijing ( the food is simply yummy and unforgettable, though the ambience might not impress you) 2. Hatari 3. Krystal Chopstick( good food with cosy ambience) 4. Mandarin 5. Mainland China 6. Peiping 7. Trincas(Ming Room) 8. Waldorf 9. Tung Fong 10. Marco Polo in China 11. Jimmy's Kitchen 12. Flavors of China 13. China Bowl 14. Chung Wah 15. Golden Dragon 16. Jong's 17. Red Hot Chilli Pepper

Try these, if you are crazy about Chinese food. Some of them might be expensive, but are sure to satisfy your taste buds.


Rwitankar said...

The first thing that comes to my mind is that, there is probably no other good/ decent Chinese restaurants left in the City of Joy that are not in the list. I have been to some of them- mostly the ones around the Park Street area in Kolkata and Beijing, Mainland China, and Red Hot Chilli Pepper. However, I feel the list is not according to the preference (I mean to say, ranked), because in that case Red Hot Chilly Pepper needs to move up the ladder. But, yes, they are simply irresistible. All of them. And if somebody seeks value for money then Golden Dragon (at the junction of Park Street & Frre School Street) & Peping (on the Park Street near the Park Hotel) are, probably, the two to go for.

Anil said...

I have to try at HAKA oneday. Good and informative post.