Monday, March 31, 2008

Famous Indian Chefs: Sanjeev Kapoor

Indian ChefSanjeev Kapoor--The name is known to young and old, who love to eat. This celebrated and most popular Indian chef is extremely popular among food lovers, cooks, and all those who have a liking for Indian cuisine. He has given Indian food a completely new meaning and popularity by being a host in the long running cookery program on television titled, "Khana Khazana." He is one of the top chefs in India today and has written many books on Indian cuisine. His recipes are easy to prepare, tastes great and looks wonderful! No wonder he is so popular among housewives.

Indian cuisines"Khana Khazana" won the award for the Best Cookery Show given by the Indian Television Academy (ITA) in 2001. Sanjeev Kapoor is also the recipient of the Best Executive Chef of World Award by H & FS and the Mercury Gold Award at Geneva, Switzerland by IFCA. His recipes stress on low calorie and healthy food, that is prepared in the shortest possible time. Food lovers can easily select and prepare from Sanjeev Kapoor's wide range of vegetarian and non-veg food, soups, salads, starters and sandwiches, that are available in his cookbooks and CD-ROMs.

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liteon said...

Yep, he is a great chef, we had a chance to meet him and eat his delicacies, when we were in Dubai for couple of days.

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