Monday, August 13, 2007

Fast Food: Anyone?

Hey guys! here's a small quiz for you all....what makes Kolkata everyone's favorite city? In my opinion, it is the mouthwatering array of street food or fast food, available here. Very few cities in India have such a wide range of fast food and amazing flavors.

Whether it's visitors coming from other states or tourists from foreign countries, Kolkata has something to offer to everybody! And if you are too concerned about the hygiene factor, then....well...:) you have to give them a pass. But if you are a foodie like me, then you must try these yummy dishes, and forget about hygiene at least for a while:)

But not all fast food stalls or street food corners in the city are alike. Some are quite clean and take special care to serve food in the best way possible. You just cannot resist the lingering aroma of the roll corners(I'll discuss about this authentic delicacy of Kolkata in my forthcoming posts), or the chowmeins, fish fries, cutlets, chops, biriyanis, momos, jhalmuris(puffed rice with condiments) or the most favorite phuchkas! The prices vary accordingly, but you'll find fast food stalls throughout the length and breadth of the city. The tastes of these junk delicacies are almost heavenly! So, the nest time you visit Kolkata, make sure to dig into a yummy roll or phuchkas, and tell me how you liked it:) I'm sure you'll come back to the city just to savour these specialties!

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