Sunday, August 5, 2007

Hey guys! Sorry for not being able to post of late; I was away on a tour, and had a great time! Here's another fantastic recipe that's made of Hilsa fish, which I spoke of in my last post. Prepare it in your home and let everybody thank you for this mouthwatering recipe!! It is a wholesome dish prepared mainly with rice and fish. So you can consider it for your lunch or dinner.

Hilsa Fish Pulao

You will need: Hilsa fish-600grams, Rice(like basmati or any nice smelling varieties for making pulao), Mustard oil, Green chilies(slit in the middle)7-8, Black Pepper-1 and a half tsp, Turmeric powder or paste 1 tsp, Sugar 1/2 tsp, Salt to taste, Whole mustard(without grounded)15 grams.

Directions: First, wash the fish properly and chop it into even pieces. Smear the fish with mustard powder/paste and salt. See that the pieces are coated properly with mustard. Keep it for half and hour. Rinse rice in water properly and soak it for half and hour. Now drain the water from rice. Prepare rice in boiling water; when ready, drain water totally, to make it dry. Keep aside.
In a separate hollow pan, heat mustard oil and add whole mustard seeds and slit green chilies. Add half of the hilsa fish pieces now. Stir for some time. Do not deep fry. Sprinkle mustard powder and salt to taste. Keep the flame low. Now pour half of the prepared rice on top of this. Place some more fish pieces on top and cover it with remaining rice, like a double layer. Put a lid on top. Cook it on low flame for some time. Check if the fish is ready to eat. Serve hot!

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